Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mother's Day is here again, and for people like me who have lost our mums, it could be quite hard for us to get through this day without shedding a tear ( or maybe it's just me). People assume i would be very sad on this day but on the contrary i am not, i am quite happy. You ask why,I am happy because i got to have a great woman as a mother and i hope to be as great as her one day.I wouldn't say its easy waking up this sunday morning not having my mum to wish her Happy Mother's Day but i have learnt to celebrate her life and all that she stood for.

My mum was a beautifully creature who was taking away from me so early in life ( I was ten). She was the kindest person I know. She tried to help everyone she could with the little that she could do. She was the strongest person I know because even though she had stroke and the left side of her body was paralyzed, she would still make sure she attended every school program, every school play that I was in.She attended every open day i had. She was so strong that even on her death bed, all she could think about was if i was alright despite her being in a lot of pain. Her last words to me was "Titi are you fine? Are you okay? Everything is going to be alright". That shows strength, beauty and kindness. She was a true definition of a mother...putting her children first.

Happy Mother's Day to those who spent 9 months carried babies in their wombs. Happy Mother's Day to those who took care of us, suffered with us through every pain, from paper cuts to our first heartbreaks. Happy Mother's Day to those women who celebrated our achievements like our first steps to when we got our admission letters to college or university. 

This post is to honour those women who put up with us through the years, be it dead or alive,biological or non-biological. This is to say thank you for every little thing you have gone through because of us..the worrying and the sleepless nights. And to those of us who don't have our mothers with us for some reason or the other lets take today to remember their legacy and what they stood for. Lets use today to also appreciate those women around us who have acted as our mums one way or the other, be it our teachers, our aunts, our grandma's,our step mom's etc. Give them a big hug and say thank you.   
 And to those who either have lost their kids one way or the other or are looking for the fruit of the womb and feeling quite empty, i say Happy Mother's Day and may your wishes come true.


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