That forever alone feeling

Saturday, 8 March 2014



I am not an expert i repeat NOT an expert...what i am writing on is based on my own little experiences, my surroundings, my friends and mostly movies. It should not be used to judge everyone.

 Every night before i go to bed, i have to imagine some scenarios before i sleep. Sometimes i imagine i am a princess in a big castle with servants all around me or that i am a high class lawyer...a boss with so much power, class and affluence. Or that I am a celebrity on the red carpet with all the glitz and glamour, (i find myself wishing i am Beyoncé though) the wind in my hair, the flashing lights and those damn awards!!! Nowadays i find myself dreaming or thinking about finding "the perfect one"....the one i can walk around on an empty field with, the one with whom i can have the "drunk in love " feeling with.....why is that? Is it because of my age or that i am an adult now or is it influence of the society?
                           Honestly its a little bit of both, but i feel ( in my opinion) that its the society that has the major influence in this, I am sure most girls feel the same way that i feel now... with #teamforeveralone hash-tag floating around the social media and all those gooey tumblr post going round why wouldn't girl feel this way . There's this sudden pressure for you to suddenly be in love or have that special one. From songs to movies and especially tumblr posts, they depict the perfect life, your "prince charming" finding you, him doing all this awesome and special things for short making you feel like a princess.But yet this isn't the case for the other side,the male species(most) don't want all that gooey lovey-dovey crap bullshit. They are all interested in "hitting that" and moving on to the next one, they all interested in the hunt and not the kill (flirting and chatting is the hunt but kill is an actual relationship).Most of them don't want to settle down, they just want to continue playing the games and who can blame them.  As much as the female species want relationships, some of us are willing to give up all the "goods" without any pressure whatsoever and honestly that's your own choice. I don't judge or anything but these particular type of females make it harder for the other girls to get that relationship, to get that commitment, to get that ring on it. In modern day times, you hear guys threatening a girl that if she doesn't "put out" (meaning if she doesn't have sex)  he can always get it somewhere else which is true ( especially if the guy is one fine ass brother). This then pressures the girl to do what she’s not maybe ready for then at the end of the day, she doesn't get any commitment and she finds out that they were never even an item. She finds out that she was being used and has a broken heart.

Movies & Songs are also a very big factor in this, One day you hear Justin Bieber singing "you're all that matters to me" then you hear rumors of how he cheated on Selena Gomez, you see pictures and videos of him doing all sort of untold things with strippers and need i say HOES. I am not saying he shouldn't do as he pleases that's his business. Nevertheless  these songs and movies set  high standards and I am not saying that you shouldn't have some standards but  movies especially give you this beautifully constructed lie on how your love life is going to be like...honestly its always too good to be true!!!!! Maybe in the old days yeah sure, but now..BULLSHIT!!!.Then there's usually the same story line..its either that they meet, have a good ol' swell time then she discovers something about his past that is huge and has a big conflict in their relationship, they breakup...he realizes that he, (yes he) needs her in his life and usually she's moving away or she is getting married he does this BGG (big grand gesture) where he causes traffic and disturbs the city just to get her. The other story line is that there are two friends a boy and a girl where there girl is trying to find the love of her life and she has to pass through jerks to find out that her true love was right beside her- the best/very good friend (see guys can get out of the friend It’s not as if this is not true and possible but they over exaggerate this especially the epic/climatic love scene with the BGG. Even guys say it a lot that movies give ladies false hope, they give guys unattainable standards and when these girls get back into reality they expect all these things to happen to them. Then they all get broken hearts when they realize that's not reality.

Honestly there should be no rush in trying to get in a relationship if you feel you are not ready now, and you are feeling pressure from everything around you. (ie your friends, television, movies etc). People are so sad about being single, that they start a relationship with the wrong person and let the bad experience ruin the good in them. Single, is the best way to stay until you find that special someone. That one that you choose to be with not because "everyone is doing it" but because you truly love or care about them. People are so scared of being single, that they would rather be unhappy and miserable with somebody. Life is much more that being in a relationship, there are dreams to be achieved, goals to conquer and if your only life dream or goal is to be married with children i think you are selling yourself short. Everyone in life has so much more than that, everyone has a talent and a purpose in life, know your worth. And before you know it you will forget "that forever alone feeling"



  1. Babe this is a talent so you should use it well and for the right purpose.

    1. oh my God....thank you i have heard ma..ese

  2. Wow...u really took ur time.


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