Naked 3 dupes: Iconic 3 pallet (First impression Review)

Tuesday, 6 May 2014
As i am writing this, i currently i have my final exams in a few days but i couldn't resist, i just had to blog. If you have been in the make up/ beauty community for a while,you must have heard of urban decay's naked pallet especially the naked 3 pallet. It has been raved about so much but i have been skeptical to purchase this item because of two reasons. First of all the price; it goes for about £37 thereabout, that's quite a lot and my second reason is that i am not sure if the colour would show or work well with me. Being a woman of colour somethings don't necessarily fit me or do well with my skin tone,Yeah sure there are many black Youtube make up gurus that have used it in their different tutorials but i am have a really dark skin tone, so things don't tend to do well with me.

So when i heard of the iconic 3 from Makeup revolution and it was an ultimate dupe to the naked 3 i had to get it because i had nothing to loose ( the iconic 3 pallet goes for a whooping £4
). I said to myself that if the pallet was good the colours fit my skin tone i would go ahead and purchase the naked 3 pallet. So i purchased it and here is the pallet.

     I also made swatches on my hand if you where interested in seeing the pigmentation of the colours

            Here is the pallet so you can now which colour is which from the pallet and my hand.

        From the swatches i made, there was a bit of fallout but it's still a pretty good eye-shadow pallet. Like i said before i do not own the naked three pallet to make a direct compassion but  if you want to see a swatch comparison check out Raspberry kisses blog  where she shows a good comparison between  the two pallets. If you are looking to try something out before you purchase the naked 3 pallet or its not in your budget right now the iconic 3 pallet is for you. They also make great and other awesome affordable make-up products, if you would like to see what else i got from them let me know in the comments below. Also if your interested in purchasing the Iconic 3 pallet or visiting their website click here for more info.



  1. Thanks for sharing this dupe version! I've been wanting to purchase NAKED3 because of its beautiful rose shades :)


    1. Your welcome very glad i could help xxx

  2. I love this post hun, I have seen a lot of hype over this product and I think I will be buying this soon :)
    lots of love,

    1. Honestly it is really worth the hype, Glad i could help
      xxx Titilope

  3. this is a pretty good dupe! I love the naked 3 palette but I'm not sure how much wear I'd get out of it, especially for £37! Saying that I did splurge on the naked 2 palette and it is amazing!


  4. Hi gorgeous! First time visiting your blog and I really liked it! I enjoyed reading your post about Zendaya's style, I think she's great and her style is very unique!! :)
    Kisses from Argentina


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