Final goodbye to summer

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Shoe~Next/ Skirt~Closet clothing/Bag~Nicki minaj collection/Shirt~Hawes & curtis







I know I have been quite MIA, in the blogging world and community, I just lost my blogging bug but oh well I'm back now ;).
Autumn is officially here, and the days I have left before I come back to the U.K are numbered. I honestly have had enough sunshine to last me for years, I miss the gloomy British weather. I miss being snuggled up in warmth cloths, its so cosy. 
One thing I cant wait for is shopping for Autumn, I honestly think Autumn season is the best for fashion. With all the layering, I just cant wait :).



So this is me blowing kisses saying my final goodbye to summer and Nigeria, I am going to miss but I have got to go my own way.My next post would be when I am officially back in the U.K oh I cant wait.


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