Camel x Tartan

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Coat-Asos/Shoes-New Look/Scarf-Forever21/Tailored pants-Mr price/White tee & Hat-H&M
December is here!!!...whoop whoop that means its christmas and that means my birthday is here that basically means I am 35 years old with a 100 dogs living with me.
I am so excited and prepped for the winter with this lovely coat I got from Asos. It is literally so cosy and big that I can layer under it as it gets colder.
I am loving my colour palette this season..I tend to gravitate toward neutrals and earth toned colours during this time of year

I love how my style is gradually changing from the 'typical teenage girl' to a grown adult to  grown mature adult style. I am falling in love with a lot of fomal,clean cut wear and as you can see I am in love with my fedora. I basically live in could call me the fedora princess (well Becca Rose is queen though.)
BTW how do you guys like my solange inspired photographs? I am obsessed with her and a colourful wall pictures.
So this is me officially welcoming you to my birthday month (christmas) and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


  1. We are Lovin the oufit, especially the coat and hat.
    -Kay & Mo

  2. I love that coat! Great color and style!



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