Reflection on 2014

Thursday, 8 January 2015
Happy new year everyone and welcome to 2015, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season Christmas and new year. I just wanted to write this post as a reflection on my 2014.
 2014 was an awesome year, nothing too spectacular happened well expect that I started this blog, well back then it was called '"Thoughts from my bed". I am so thankful for this little space on the internet that I have where I can express all my thoughts and ideas.

 I am also thankful for my biggest supporters offline, people that actually know personally, because starting something like this is scary people tend to judge you like "what gives you the right to be a blogger?" or make snarky comments like  "everybody wants to be a fashion blogger". So I am using opportunity to say thank you to three special people because without them I wouldn't have gone so far with this blog. 
To the person behind the lens in almost every picture posted in this blog, the person that puts up with me and my funny antics, Osaye . Thank you for learning how to use my camera for me, thank you for coming to my place on your Saturdays or free days to take my pictures. I really appreciate you.
To Etomi, that shares my love for the fashion community, someone, I can call at 3 am to talk about what Kim Kardashian-West was wearing today. Or talk about certain outfits a particular blogger wore, One of my only few friends that knows much of the blogging community like I do, my fashion Queen and inspiration. She just started blogging and you guys should please check her out and see for yourself. Her Instagram is @__etty and her blog is Maniera by dale.
The last but not least the that has person has been my motivation, she has pushed me to the wall and brought me back, she is my biggest encouragement. This person is my biggest cheerleader ever, the way she cheers me on is scary at times. She has more faith in me than I do in myself and without you "The lady Lope" wouldn't have made it this far. Tosin Oshodi, I am forever grateful for our friendship and your words, your push and everything, Thank you.
To the people, I have met online, though I am not as active as I should be, that would change in 2015 by God grace. I want to say thank you and I hope to meet many more people and make friendships that would last a long time.  
To every opportunity, I have had to work with brands this year I want to say thank you for working with me and I hope to build better and bigger relationships.
And last but not least, to every single person who has clicked on my blog be it by mistake or just sheer curiosity, I give you the biggest thanks of all. I was to say thank you for every page view every comment on and of the blog. You guys are the real MVP.
2015 is going to get bigger and better for 'The Lady Lope". I will be posting more regularly, a lot of fashion blog post in the future, lifestyle, motivational, cooking and maybe advice post. That's if you guys don't mind. 

Here to a beautiful and prosperous 2015 to every single reader of this post.
Cheers !?!?!?


  1. Awwww.. I love you so much Titi.
    God Bless you.
    2015 is your year!Your Blog is going worldwide...

  2. i actually enjoyed reading this post. awwww


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