Cocktails with Claire: Lagos Edition, My experience

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

If you're into fashion and you don't know who Claire Sulmers is are you really into fashion?. Anyways for those who want a brief summary and I mean brief, she's the Editor in chief of one of the biggest fashion blogs/magazine in the world Fashion bomb daily. Cocktails with Claire is a way for fashion lovers to get together and socialize, it has be held in America but this was her first international visit.

I have been a fan of Claire for two years now and when I heard she was coming to Lagos, I knew it was faith because I don't come home(Nigeria)  for christmas. I knew I had to see her at least, even though I was so nervous especially because I thought I was going alone ( lucky my friend saved me). 

The event was hosted by DZRPTF Media, it was held at the Radisson blu hotel at 6pm. It was such a  a beautiful scenery drinks where flowing and conversation was light. We got to socialize with everyone, had our pictures taken and gave some interviews. Claire came like around 8;45, guess she was following African time. Unfortunately,I couldn't stay longer than past 9 because of traffic (traffic at this time of year is bad, plus there is also fuel scarcity) . 
Claire came gave some interviews and spoke to us and I managed to record a little clip for you guys. I will say this; she has an amazing voice and style and she's so down to earth. So I say if cocktails with Claire ever comes to town near you go for it. Even though I never really got to converse with Claire,  because its an amazing event because I got to meet like-minded individuals.

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  1. Aww , I really wanted to go for this event but life happened. Looks good though.


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