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Sunday, 30 April 2017

If anyone ever told me I’d consider going natural a year ago, my lol would have been long enough to reach the moon and back.  Now, a year later, I'm sat in my bedroom deep conditioning my hair.
The tables have more than turned!
For the longest time I have been relaxed and I always thought of it as the only way. Once upon a time, I begged my mum for a relaxer because I always cried when my hair was being combed. I was so happy when I finally got a chance to use a relaxer, I could comb my hair without tears and it was such a relief.  
As I grew older and natural hair became not just a preference but a statement as well, I was all for it - Just not for me. I couldn’t consider going natural and I still had flashbacks to screams and broken combs. It took a while but after multiple bad braids and patchy edges, I watched my hair lose its strength. Still I kept on with the perms, and tried to grow my edges out but nothing was reversing the damage. So I turned to the new life saver of women all over: wigs! And it has been fantastic.  Now I'm in Nigeria without a retouch in months and I don't think I'm going to relax my hair -For now at least. 
I won’t front, I’m beginning to enjoy this new route I’m taking. Even as I write this, I am gently touching the undergrowth and my growing edges, asking myself, “Do I still want to relax my hair?”
Keeping transitioning hair is a struggle and a wonder as I’m sure anyone who’s transitioned can relate. Not only are you trying to care for two different textures happening on your scalp, you also get to see the startling difference between the two. 
So, I have to be careful with my permed hair while considering the natural undergrowth. 
Even as I’m fumbling around in the dark with this, I’ve realised just how good deep conditioning is.
I’m clueless now when it comes to natural hair products  I asked my friend to get me a good (and cheap!!) conditioner to deep condition my hair and she gets me Kui Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturising Conditioner from Ebeano supermarket. 
Kui hair is a brand targeted at naturals and the best part is it’s developed, and produced in Nigeria. I was so shocked to find out that we have a brand catering to natural hair made in Nigeria. You can call it the IJGB (I Just Got Back) in me or the JJC (Johnny Just Come) in me but I was stunned in a good way.
 I was eager to try it out because I have seen the brand pop up on my Instagram but I paid no attention to them.
 Now back to the conditioner, when they say this conditioner is moisturising, IT IS MOISTURISING AF (forgive my language). It is so moisturising, it feels like a body cream on my palm. 
I had it in my hair for like two minutes and my curls were already getting definition and it makes my hair so soft I can’t believe it’s my hair. 
The hair I ran from because it’s too hard to comb and maintain, the hair I was disinterested in.
 I am so impressed with my hair texture. It makes the natural part of my hair get curl definition and the relaxed part of my hair feels soft with a certain shine to it
Kui Hair Care you have my stamp of approval, I cannot wait to try other products from your line. 
In the comments below, let me know if you’re natural, relaxed or transitioning. Also, if you’ve tried this Kui hair care let me know about your experience and what other natural hair products I should try. 


  1. I love KUI care. I use this conditioner for prepoo and as a rinse out conditioner. I like the fact that their products are affordable and really good. I bought the whole set of their products for 5k and I'm currently a stockist for them in Ibadan.
    You should try the leave-in conditioning mist. Its their best selling product and its really really really good😊😊😊.

    I just want to add that you need a deep conditioner as a rinse out conditioner won't work the same as a deep conditioner. KUI care doesn't have a deep conditioner which is a shame. I use Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Deep Treatment Masque, a very good moisturing deep conditioner and it goes for 3.5k (depending).

    Good luck with your hair.

    1. Hi Fehintola! Thanks for attesting to our performance!

      Thanks a lot Lope for the review of Kui. It has been ongoing hardwork and persistence in developing our products and growing our brand. We constantly strive to please our customers and good feedback is always rewarding to hear! Thanks for being part of the beginning of our journey and we will definitely not only improve our current offering but increase the number of products we offer.

      Have a great Sunday.

  2. I realized that after a while, still new to this whole natural thing but thank you. I have heard so much about Cantu and I will love to try it out. Thank you so much

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