New Direction

Friday, 9 March 2018
So I have decided to take my blog into a new direction. Originally when I started this blog, then it was called “Thoughts from my bed”. It was intended to be for my thoughts and opinions but somewhere along the way I got sucked into the beauty and makeup world which is fine. I do love make up and all talking about it, however I miss writing about my thoughts and opinions. Most especially on my life and what I have been through and that’s what I want this blog to be again. I can and will occasionally still blog about beauty related things, however I think I’m going to move all beauty related things to my YouTube channel (subscribe please) . However this little space is to talk more and write and have conversations about issues, most especially adult issues (and no I’m not talking about porn). I just want to be able to write here freely without having to be careful about friends and family members or my boss’s (or potential bosses) seeing my real thoughts. I’m not saying I’m gonna bash anyone but there’s that fear of having someone read your thoughts and opinions, it’s scary Af. Anyways I’m beginning to rabble on too much, this is a new beginning for us and for me. See you on my next post. 

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