Makeup revolution Fast Base Foundation and Concealer Review

Friday, 18 May 2018

So sorry this has taken so long to put to paper (or weblog) but I was testing to give these products a full rigorous test. 
I used it both in Nigeria and the UK and the verdict is kind of the same. If you have oil or excessive sweating this foundation isn’t for you. I mean it’s very nice and blurs the skin and looks very well on the skin but it doesn’t last long. Except you are in winter or you have constant Air Conditioning  around you, this foundation won’t last two hours. The only way it would last if you’re not wearing it for long or you’re wearing during winter and you’re constantly powdering. And as an everyday working girl you can’t be constant powdering your face, you need something that would last all day. I would recommend this as a winter foundation or if you have really dry skin or if you’re using it for a photoshoot for pictures because it photographs really beautifully. 
On the other Hand the concealers are the best things to ever hit the market, they are so good and full coverage and last all day. Since I got them I have used any of my other concealers since  

Best application 
If you have oily sin or suffer from hyperhydrossis. Apply a loose powder before apply the foundation. And then apply with a flat foundation brush, do not, I REPEAT do not apply with a sponge. For concealer, a beauty blender/beauty Sponge would do the trick 
The formula of the foundation is actually to die for. It literately melts like butter on the skin and its very full coverage. It can cover your mistakes and bad decisions and applies beautifully. I like the formula of the foundation and the concealer. It has a beauty finish and just blurs out my skin. It is also very full coverage but also light weight. I don’t feel anything 

Sweat proof/oily girl friendly 

After a full work day of work, put on make up at 7am, preparing to take off at 9pm
Even after putting my antiperspirant primer and the powder before foundation technic it wasn’t strong enough to hold this foundation. However it doesn’t loose points because it meant to be a dewy foundation. It was not advertised to be a matte foundation so I’m not mad at it.

Shade range
The Concealer Shades, swatched on Bare Skin
The Foundation Shades, swatched on Bare Skin
This one right here is a biggy. The thing is has 18 shades and it’s quite equally exclusivity and I do commend them for it. However the darker shades most especially the cool toned foundations are too grey. There is no body that is that shade of grey all round, cool tones not death looking. It’s 2018 brands need to realise that black people are not the colour death. All these are in terms of foundation however in my opinion they got the concealers right. I mean the darkest shade of the concealer I can actually use to contour. I’m shook to my core. Make up revolution you did that. The colour doesn’t seem greyish or too reddish.

The Darkest Concealer and Foundation Shade Compared to the Fenty Darkest contour shade on Bare skin

Where to Buy ?
If you are in Nigeria, you can get it from Beauty Frenzy
If you are in the U.K, you can get it from SuperDrug or 
If you are in the U.S, you can get it from Ulta
and Revolution beauty ships Worldwide (even Nigeria!)

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