Boiled plantain with vegetable and grilled fish

Monday, 30 June 2014
Nigeria is my home and gosh do I miss it, I miss the the places,the traffic,the heat and most especially the FOOD!! Yes the food. I am a born and bred Nigerian, so that means that British food or as Nigerians would say "oyinbo food" doesn't cut it for me. I miss all the flavours you get from just one spoon full of a Nigerian dish. I have a recipe which is both healthy-sh and delicious. Its Boiled Plantain with vegetable and grilled fish.

What you would need
A whole fish
Mixed Pepper
Palm oil
Vegetable/Olive oil
Tin foil
Chick stock/ chicken broth
Any Seasoning of your choice
Firstly I mixed all my spices into a bowl, I used a lot of spices so as to have a lot of flavour. I cant really remember everything exactly but I can remember some spices which are: Pepper, Fish seasoning, Parsley, Curry, Time, Salt. etc
All the Seasoning i used

Mixed Spices
       Then I got my Fish ( Mine was already descaled and cleaned from the shop).I then was washed then cut three slashes on each side for the mixture really penetrate the fish and enhance the taste.

Remember my bowl of spices?This would be used for a marinade mixture,I added vegetable oil to it to make a consistences so as to make it easier for me to spread evenly on the fish like so 
 Then after I did that do both sides i wrapped it on tin foil and let it marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes
I then Pre-heated the oven for 20 minutes, then placed the fish without then tin foil on the grill. I did that so that the fish could be crispy on the outside but if you like very tender fish, then you should grill it with the tin foil. I grilled the fish for 15 minutes( about 7 minutes for each side) then its done. 

The next thing step is the plantains. 
I then cut up my ripped plantain into three an peeled the skin off and then boiled it for 20 minutes or so

Uncooked, chopped plantain
While that was cooking, I chopped my mixed peppers and spinach and got my chicken stock ready

Then I put the stock in a put to let it boil for like five minutes before putting in the spinach in 

While that was cooing on medium heat, I was Stir-frying the mixed pepper in palm oil for about 10 minutes on medium heat, added salt pepper, thyme , curry and parsley to taste.

Later I mixed the stir-fry with the spinach in side the pot and let that cook for another five minutes and I was done.

It took me an average of one hour to one hour thirty minutes to complete the dish. I hope you try it out and tell me what you think 

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