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Wednesday, 18 June 2014
Since summer is here i thought i would share with you the songs i would be listing to this summer. (P.S there would be more in my playlist but so far theses are the ones that have stuck)

 "First things first I'm the realest."- Fancy by Iggy Azeala
There's something about this song, that makes you feel so fancy. I have never been to L.A or Tokyo but yet i feel like I'm their queen when i listen to this song.This video made me watch clueless again.

 "I have got one less problem without you"- Problem by Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azeala
Is it the sexy whispers of big sean, Ariana's high pitch voice or Iggy's awesome rap ? Whatever it is, makes it the song of the summer. It makes you feel like a bad-ass if you have got rid of the problematic person(s) in your life.

"And I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared to go and have sex of course "- Don't by Edsheeran
Edsheeran is a lyricist.If you have ever been cheated on especially with someone you would NEVER expect, then you can totally relate to this song. If makes you feel you have had your revenge on that person.

"I need you darling come and set the tone" Sing by Edsheeran
This song is just about having a blast and having the time of your life. Doing something you wouldn't ordinary be doing. Let loose and have fun

"Me love you very long time" - Girlie "O' Remix by Patoranking ft Tiwa Savage
The beat just makes you want to dance and move your hips. Its about a guy who loved a girl even when she was with someone else.

"I'm angry but i still love you" - Pills N Potions by Nicki Minaj
I know this is not an upbeat song but its not every day fast songs sometimes slow songs are good. This is a song about forgiveness and letting go. Nicki slayed it with this song, very different from what she does.

"These hoe's aint loyal"- Loyal by Chris brown ft Lilwanye, Tyga/French Montana
I know, I know this song is inslutive..but if your not a hoe then don't take it personal. But the beat makes you want to move and form your own dance routine to this song (only me...oh okay)

"I'm looking for my johnny" - Johnny by Yemi Alade
Firstly the video shows off the different cultures in Nigeria. It is rich in the fashion and dance culture of Nigeria plus its about a guy who is two-timing girls and the girls deal with him.

"Show the world where you are from, show the world we are one"- We are one By Pitbull Ft Jennifer lopez,Claudia leitta

The world cup has started yay..but i was excited not because of the football but the songs that are for the world cup. The song makes me want to shake my waist and salsa all over the world.

"cause i don't give a what" - Ordinary by Ricky Dillon
Youtube sensation Ricky ( Member of the O2L) has an amazing summer anthem. if you could put the perfect summer in a song this would be it.

"Got Lipstick on my lips" - Good Kisser By usher
The song is just too Sexy..Gosh, The dance, the video, his voice..I literally don't have much to say, Usher leaves me speechless. If you love to dance this should be in your playlist.

"You've got a bright future behind you"- Wiggle by Jason Derulo ft Snoop Dogg
Even if you don't know how to twerk or shake your tush..This song would make you feel l like you are Nicki, Rihanna or even there i say it Miley Cyrus.

So this is my summer playlist..have you listened to these songs before? are you going to listen to them plus what is your summer playlist like.Let me know in the comments below.


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