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Friday, 5 September 2014
Honestly this post couldn't come at a more 'perfect timing,I say perfect timing sarcastically. If you have been living under a rock for the past few days,there has been a massive data breach of some female celebrities icloud account. With this data breach, a hacker has leaked their nude or semi nude pictures which is a total beech of privacy.
No one should ever have ( no matter who you are) to go through that humiliation of having your personal photos leaked for the world to see.

Well today's post will defiantly not be about naked pictures, today is about finding the perfect nude lipstick.
As a very dark girl, it has always been a chore to find a nude lipstick that fits me. 
If I find one I remotely like, it either looks like clear lip gloss on my lips (not showing at all) or I look like a space alien with weird lips.
I recently I went to Mac and did some serious damage to my wallet and when I asked for a nude lipstick recommendation, I was a giving the lipstick in the shade Mocha.


As you can see this is a gorgeous nude colour for me, It is almost like the colour of my lips yet it doesn't look like a gloss. I love the application of the lipstick, It glides on perfectly.
It has a satin finish. I never though I would find a nude lipstick that fits me talk-less of a pinkish nude colour.
I use a the Rimmel black brown eyebrow pencil to line my lips then blend it together with my lipstick. I cannot but recommend this lipstick to any darker skinned girl looking for a nude lippie.
Also I think this lipstick would also make a nice fall/autumn lipstick for lighter people,
 It looks like what Kylie Jenner would wear to get her mauve colour.

There is always that perfect nude for everyone.

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  1. I just recently found my "perfect nude" at Sephora, I am in love. I wish I could wear it everyday!


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