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Monday, 13 October 2014

Fedora-H&M/ White Tank- Newlook (old)/ Velvet tights-Primark/ Shoes- Primark (old)/Bag-Primark/ Duster/Sweater-Primark.
Hi everyone sorry I have been MIA again. I am currently back in Uni and its been quite challenging settling back in. I apologies and I promise to be more frequent with blog posts. Classes have finally started and are in full swing. Its like we never left, our lectures are not even taking it easy with us. 

Before this academic year started I said, I wanted to give my closet a new slate and put more efforts into my outfits. I recently went shopping and I would put up a haul soon. I have discovered that my style has changed and it's because of Shirley, I am falling in love with basic, simple pieces. Its so refreshing just to see how I can mix and match so many things in my wardrobe and look so chic.

I wore this on a day I had lectures (obviously) and my friend said I looked nice, So we decided to have an Impromptu Photo shoot at the lake side hence the phone pictures. This wasn't planned to be a blog post but I thought it was a nice introduction back into the blogging world(again). 
So enjoy my awkward model poses.

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  1. i love me those boots girl, you are working it! great outfit


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