Tortilla Review

Thursday, 30 October 2014
 "The next best thing to eating food, is talking about it"- Unknown

 I enjoy everything about food and to be honest it's not the food's everything from the preparation down to the presentation before the actual consumption of the meal. Be it that I am cooking it or I am eating out I always enjoy the story line that the dish offers.

So when Tortilla. contacted me to come and review their restaurant I happy see what story they would have to offer me. I also went to do my own research , I found other reviews from other bloggers and I also went to their website to see what I should expect.I found their story and you could see that it was not just started to make money but to fill a void a gap they discovered.

I arrived at the one at Tortilla lakeside Essex just after they had their lunch hour rush so it was very calm. I was quite excited because I have never had Mexican before. I was not expecting anything so great but boy was I wrong. My friend Tosin and I got different things so I could give a review in both sides.

I remember Tosin telling me that oh she didn't like what she was seeing and I just told her not to act like JJC. She got a burrito and I got a taco. I really must say I was pleasantly surprised at it and I am not saying it for review sake. I got a big shock when I had my first bite into my taco...I am a person who loves flavours and I loved how the flavours danced in my mouth. And my friend Tosin...well she enjoyed it so much that she bought another burrito to take home.They also had amazing customer service and the staff where all very friendly and accommodating.

Indeed I had a lovely experience and I can't wait to try it again. So my question for you is that are you a foodie ? And if you are have you tried Mexican before? And also have you tried tortilla before?...let me know in the comments below.

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