Brown lipsticks

Thursday, 4 February 2016
 Today we would be talking about brown lipsticks for dark skin. You do not understand the struggle that I have been going through looking for brown lipstick that would show on me (me being dark). Anytime I find a lipstick that could potentially be the one, it's either they are sold out *cough cough Kylie Jenner* or they do not ship to the UK and I'm not about to pay a ridiculous price on Ebay for the lipstick knowing the real cost. However I've found makeup products (not necessarily lipsticks) that look amazing on dark skin. It is important to note that no matter how hard you try some brown lipstick still have that red under tone to it, but I have tried to find the ones which eliminates the red tones, hope you enjoy.

 This is Mac's lipstick in Antique Velvet, it applies creamy to the lips, so this is good for guys who don't like a matte feeling on their lips. Its not too creamy so its just the perfect lipstick, you can purchase it here.

This is a lipstick by the brand called stargazer, it is in the shade dark brown. I literately found this lipstick by typing in the words brown lipstick on Ebay. Its is also applies creamy like the Mac one but its very slipper and if not careful can get everywhere but I love the shade, purchase here

This one is an eye shadow stick by Jordana, its in the shade Tenacious Brown. It has like a dirty brown shade to it and applies very very matte, but not matte that is drying. You can purchase it here

Lmao forgive my messy hair, at this point I was tired and hungry and my lip were hurting from all the swatching. Anyways this is another eye shadow stick and its from Rimmel this time, its the Rimmel scandal eyes shadow stick in the shade bootleg brown. It is also a very matte and the more of a darker brown than the Jordanna one, you can purchase it here

Now we move into the world of lip pencils, this is a Nyx pencil in the shade Espresso, I would say out of all the lippies I applied this was the hardest to put on. I really don't have much to say on this other that it has a red undertone to it so it might not be your cup of tea. 

And finally last but certainly not least the all mighty Mac lip liner in the shade chestnut. Every make-up lover like my self knows that this liner is the holy grail especially if you are dark-skinned, This is the liner that can transform any lipstick that may be bleh to ya! However this liner is a very good alternative if you need a brown lippy, it glides on smoothly unto the lips and it isn't drying. Unfortunately it is sold out world wide, I mean even on their site. I was lucky enough to get mine at duty free, so check your local Mac store to see if they have any, you might be lucky. 

Which one is your favourite, let me know in the comments below.


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