Life update: Graduation

Tuesday, 9 August 2016
So a little life update, I've graduated from University and it feels so surreal. I honestly cannot believe three years has come and gone. I still remember everything ( well almost everything) that happened on the first day that I arrived on campus. It seems like it was just yesterday and now I have bagged myself an LLb, wow, just wow. 
About a month ago was the 10th year anniversary of my mother death and I cried like a baby cause I realised that I have lived 10 years without her. I realised that she's going to miss out on so much more, for example my graduation. I was so sure I was going to cry on my graduation day cause she wasnt going to be there, but here's the thing I didn't cry. Not a single tear fell out of my eye, heck I didn't even remember or think about my mum that day, she never crossed my mind. Am I a bad child for that? 
I don't cry about everyday about her but I always thought for sure, I was going to cry or remember her on the important days like for example my graduation which just passed. Or my wedding day and so on and so forth but I didn't think about her just once.
It was after a week passed that I realised that not a single thought or tear came out that day. Honestly i'm not too sure what the point of this post is, maybe it's reassurance for someone going through the loss of a loved one. One day your heartbreak would be completely gone, and you won't think about how you're going cry on important days. Also when those important days come and they don't cross your mind, don't guilt trip yourself for not remembering. They love you wherever they are, they are watching you and they are happy you've moved on with your life. Don't feel bad about moving on cause that's what they want from you. Life goes on and it gets better.
Congratulations to the class of 2016, you did it.

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