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Saturday, 3 September 2016
Top left- Bad Girl, Top right-Blue Diamond, Bottom left-Lady Gaga, Bottom right-Peace 

I'm very dark even some call me black and I'm okay with that. Growing up I never saw my skin colour as a thing I should be afraid or ashamed off. I never regarded that me being "dark skin" was an issue, heck I never saw anyone as being dark skin or light skinned. (I obviously knew people are lighter than me) Maybe it's because I grew up in Nigeria where we all black and so I saw any issue with it.

When I finished secondary school and got the beginning of adulthood stage, I began to question myself. Questions began to pop up in my head like 'am I ugly because I'm dark? Would I be finer if I was lighter? This is how I thought the world saw people like me. The comments I see online when people make fun of darker women, the comments people made around me cause of my skin ranging from "you are black o!" or to when they see a bleaching Ad they “joking” me tell me "I should bleach". Then when I started wearing/loving make-up, the comments you see online about the "do's and don'ts" about makeup, for example dark women shouldn't wear bright coloured lipstick and many more that I can't remember at the moment. I always thought that these comments couldn’t get to me, but boy was I wrong. I have questioned myself a lot over the last couple of months. Am I really ugly?

I can’t believe that society made me really question my beauty because of my skin colour. I think because of that for a while (maybe even till now) I have been muted about my dressing and looks. I always go for the understated look because I thought "oh I’m not the general perception of beauty, so why don’t I fade into the background". Or maybe it's because I’m generally shy, I don’t know. So when I posted my first makeup tutorial on YouTube (watch it HERE), I was skeptical and scared to post it. This was because firstly it was a look full of colour and secondly I was afraid of people judging me but the response I’ve got from it is  so overwhelmly amazing. I have not got one negative comment and people (the ones I know and the ones I dont know) have been so sweet and encouraging. 
 It made me question why I ever thought lesser of myself, that’s why when I saw these lipsticks from Classic makeup USA, I knew I wanted to do something with it and embrace more colour in my life. And with this new found confidence, I want to put more content out there, content that would make me step out of of my comfort zone. 
I hope you come with me on this ride and I hope you enjoy it.

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