20 & 2016: A recap

Saturday, 31 December 2016
December is finally coming to end and so is 2016. Generally 2016 has been a crappy year and I thought it was a terrible year for me but you know what?  2016 was a great year. Sure I had a lot of downs and fought a lot of battles this year but I have decided to only look at the positive things that happened this year, hence my recap. My birthday was the on 27th of December and I turned 21, so I decided to merge my 20th year in life and 2016 and recap it. 
The beginning of 2016 wasn't so great of me but the later part of 2016 has been so amazing. I cant thank God enough for lifting me to where I am now. This is because I'm not suppose to be alive today or at the very least be at this point where I  am currently because if the devil had his way, only God knows what would have happened to me. But it is by his grace that I am here today and I am forever grateful. So join me in recapping 2016 and my 20th year on earth by watching this video, have a wonderful New year everyone. 

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