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This is one of the hardest question I have come across. Anytime anyone says “tell me about yourself” each time I go blank. Everything I know about myself instantly vanishes. I mean how does one talk about themselves without seeming “braggy”?  But like my dad says “if you don’t blow you own trumpet, who will”, so here goes.
I’m a survivor; to be on this earth everyday is surviving. I wouldn’t be where I am today without God because if it wasn’t for him...
I am also a creative; I’m a writer, a director and producer, I’m an artist, I’m an editor and a photographer. I can’t be grouped into one thing hence the term creative. Jack of all trades if I do say so myself.
I am a woman and a feminist; I believe that my vagina should not limit me from having equal rights as a man. No I don’t hate men; No I don’t believe I’m superior to men; No I’m not heartbroken. I just believe in equality between women and men and that I should be free to do what I like as long as it is not affecting anyone but me. 
I am also adventurous and funny, loving and caring and a good time to be around (lol, this is starting to sound like a dating profile). I mean I have a very fun loving personality however it might be hard to get me out of my shell.
Another little bit, apart from all these great things about me ( I know right, humble). I also studied Law, decided that it wasn't for me and followed my passion which is marketing & adverting. So I have an LLB from the University of Essex (never went to Law school) and an Msc in Strategic Marketing management from Aston Business school.

So about this blog
What you will find here it a little bit of everything here. A little more insight to me, a little bit of beauty,maybe style. Insightful and motivational messages. We talk about serious issues and a lot more. Stick around and have some fun.

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