The items or products featured on this blog are purchased by me or giving to me as gifts from family and friends. However this is a PR friendly blog so if a company or companies want me to promote certain product I am open to that. I will always give an 100% honest review be it negative or positive and I would never feature something that doesn't fit the theme of my blog or doesn't reflect my opinions or ideas.

Any time I get products reviewed or the products are sponsored, It would be stated in the beginning or at the end of the post post. All thoughts, opinion and idea expressed here on The Lady Lope are my own. Occasionally I may accept guest post but these will be stated in the title. I would never feature something on The Lady Lope that I didn't believe in or don't agree with. I believe that this blog is a reflection of who I am as a person.

All photos and post are my own work, unless stated otherwise. I would be grateful if you could credit me if you use any of my own content and don't pass any of my own content as yours. If you see any of your content or work and you would like for me to take it down please contact me. Thank you.

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